A Severe Outbreak of fire took life of three

West Bengal: On Saturday, a major outbreak of fire at a market in South 24 Parganas in West Bengal took the life of 3 people. The flames burst out as an outcome of an insignificant shot circuit which first broke out at Kerosene Outlet in Ghatakpur Bazar in Bhangar, 20km away from Kolkata.

The blazes spread towards an adjacent eatery, a shop, and a house too as a result of an explosion of drums of Kerosene which were reserved in the shop. The owner of the eatery along with his two teenage workers went inside the shop to rescue their valuable products and extinguish the flames, said an official.

Alas! It took five hours for three of them to bring the fire under control, hence, they failed to come out and faced a severe death along with the goods worth lakhs of rupees, continued the official.

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