A Shiv Sena MLA dumps garbage on a man for not getting the drainage cleaned.

A video on Saturday went viral in which Dilip Lande, MLA from Kandivali constituency in north Mumbai was seen dumping garbage on a man, making him sit in a waterlogged street. The man is recognized as a contractor who was responsible for cleaning the drains. Failing which water had logged on the road.

Upon being asked, Lande said that the contractor had not shown up for some time. As Mumbai received heavy rainfalls in the last few days, the drains clogged and the roads were waterlogged. According to him, people from that constituency had shown faith in him and so he, accompanied by some of his workers showed up to clean the drains. They brought the contractor to “punish” him for the trouble that his people had to face.

LEFT: Footage from the video where garbage is being dumped on the contractor. RIGHT: Shivsena MLA Dilip Lande.

In the video, Lande was seen ordering the man to sit on the water-logged road. The contractor did as told, only to be pushed by a worker of the Sena. Thereafter, two of his men, upon being directed by the MLA, collected the garbage and the slush around, made a heap, and dumped on the contractor. The legislator provided an explanation for his conduct in the video itself.

He said, “I had been receiving numerous complaints from the local people. Those responsible for cleaning the garbage did not do their work for which people of my area had to walk through waterlogged streets. Now, I am making the contractor responsible sit in the same water.”

However, members of the opposition party, have taken up this occasion to criticize Shiv Sena, which has been controlling the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation for the past 25 years.

“The BMC and Mumbai mayor have claimed that all drains have been cleaned across the city. Now that their lies are coming out in the open, they are harassing small contractors. Can he take such action against the mayor and commissioner?” Vinod Mishra, a BJP corporator, said.

Another BJP leader, Kirit Somaiya, also tweeted about the incident while calling it “gundagardi”.

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