A Steep Increase in Hiring Rate by LinkedIn

By - PTI

In the pretext of the covid-19 pandemic, when layoff by millions of organizations seems to be the new normal there is a blanket of hope released by the hiring and social networking site LinkedIn. The application witnessed an average increase in the hiring rate since the onset of the second wave of the pandemic.

During March 2021, the hiring rate has been 50% which gradually plummeted to 10% in April due to the shutdown of the various workplaces and other economic activities all over India. With the cases declining and the relaxation activity being followed up, the hiring rate in LinkedIn has lifted in a positive direction, taking the figure to 35%.

The scenario during the pandemic has made individuals more financially insecure and vulnerable. Targeting and affecting the working women and young professionals.

According to linkedIn “Working women are 4x less confident than workingmen, while the average time taken for new graduates to find jobs has increased from 2 to 3 months,”.

Also, there has been a tremendous rise in the burnout culture in India as recruitment continues to soar. Every job seeker is hustling towards a better profile building to convince and attract the recruiter. Even there's a shift in the work-life balance mechanism, as every second job seeker is prioritizing the job location, time, and work-life while searching for a job.

The hiring market also acknowledged a new method of merging the 9 out of 10 companies and looking to fill in the vacancies privately. The demanding domain which is actively hiring now is Healthcare, Finance, Corporate service, Manufacturing, Hardware, and Networking. The industries which saw a decline in the current scenario are consumer goods, media and communication, marketing and advertising, staffing and recruiting, and Automotive. Last year at the peak of pandemic job roles in a domain like Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Specialised Engineering, and Cybersecurity were the show stopper. But of the latest finding of May 2021, sectors like IT are soaring in high demand on the specialization including SAP consultant, Application Developer and Software Engineers emerging to be the top 3 in-demand jobs.

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