A Sudden Lava-Like Eruption in Himachal Pradesh leaves locals worried,video goes viral!

(A screengrab from the viral video)

Tuesday, one video of a very rare geological phenomenon in Lafafi Panchayat of Anni subdivision in Himachal Pradesh's Kullu district has widely been circulated on Social Media.

The video showing eruption of some grey-colored lava-like substance from a metallic pole of the power transmission cable.

A team of Officials inspecting the snow-covered roadside, and the whole area is already covered with this lava-like Semi-liquid substance. The Snow has been melted and the grass has been thoroughly burnt by this extremely hot substance before it gets solidified.

The video also shows the burnt and bent metallic pole, smoldering from top to bottom. A spectator can be heard saying," It started after 8 am." Villagers of Nagni claimed have heard an explosion-like sound near the pole in back some days.

The whole incident baffled the locals as well as netizens, as the place never had any history of Volcanic activities. Anni Subdivisional magistrate Chet Singh said

“The pole has been removed. The tehsildar will lead a team into the area on Wednesday and only then can we say anything."

Himachal Pradesh State Centre on Climate Change principal scientific officer S.S.Randhawa reasoned it may occur due to the burning of carbon shells or tectonic activity. Mild Earthquakes or any sudden discharge of huge magnetic power because of thunder strikes or power transmission through the metallic pole may cause a sudden rising of underground temperature to open a fissure vent.

The geological wing of Shimla has been urged to visit the spot to check the situation to find the actual reason.

In June 2014, Kangra valley of Punjab Province also reported similar uncommon Volcanic activities but that place had a history of a terrible earthquake in 1905 killing more than 20,000 people.

https://m.timesofindia.com/videos/news/lava-flows-out-of-kullu-village-in-himachal-pradesh-video-goes-viral/videoshow/81035401.cms (Source: TOI)

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