A teenager in Tamil Nadu killed her cousin for sexually assaulting her

On January 3, 2020, at night Tiruvallur Superintendent of Police (SP) P Aravindhan received a call from his deputy officer regarding a murder case. In that case, it was notified 19 years old young women killed her 24 years old cousin, who has attempted to sexually assault her.

According to the police report, the teenager was walking nearby her residence where her cousin attacked her. The man was waiting for the right moment to attack her. He was trying to rape her at knifepoint. But the girl when realized she was in danger she pushed the accused away. At that time his knife clattered to the floor, then she snatched the knife and stabbed the accused on his neck and face. Then she ran away to the nearest police station.

SP Aravindhan of Tamil Nadu said, "She described exactly what happened to the officials there." "But the girl was very strong and unwavering. There was no hesitation in her statement. She did not, even for a minute, express any doubt over what had happened."

According to the information, a few months ago the man had attempted several times to harass the young teenager, she informed her mother. The family of the teenager in anger warns the man to stay away from her. But on Sunday he chooses not to pay attention to the warning and to repeat the things again, which had happened earlier.

Action against the teenager

Ponneri Deputy Superintendent of Police Kalpana Dutt, who in turn called the SP said, “And as soon as she called me, I informed the deputy director of prosecution. I knew that Section 100 comes under general exemptions and can be applied in cases of self-defense. But we had to understand what the process of filing the FIR will be."

At present Section 100 of the Indian Penal Code is charged against the teenager. Where Hight court has mentioned previously if a person tries to escape in the private defense process in that case arrest is not warranted.

SP Aravindhan said, "We were looking for precedents to see how to go about it and I immediately remembered a case from Madurai handled by former SP Asra Garg, where the private defense was applied."

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