'Aarey Saved', 800 Acres of Mumbai reserved as forest.

Around 800 acres of land in Mumbai's Aarey has been reserved as forest cover. Also, the construction of the controversial metro car shed has been relocated to government land in Kanjurmarg. Without any escalation in costs, Car shed area will be constructed on the government land.

No infringement on the rights of trbals

The government will withdraw all the cases pending against the activists who were against the felling of trees in the area.

Aditya Thackeray who vehemently opposed the felling trees in October 2019 when the Shiv Sena was part of the ruling government led by the Bhartiya Janta Party.

Thackeray said that the building that had already been built would be utilized for some other public purpose. The construction had incurred 100 crore cost and that it won't go to waste.

The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation had begun chopping trees for the proposed construction of a metro car shed of 30 hectares in the Aarey forest area. 600 acres of land was declared as reserved for the forest. The move was condemned by the tribals and 38 were detained for protesting at the site. Despite several petitions filed to stop the work, the Bombay High Court had allowed the felling of a vast forest area.

Aarey forest after 2141 trees were cut in the late night of October 25

The top court had ordered a temporary stay but the government had already cut 2,141 trees in the Aarey Milk Colony area to make space for the car shed.

In November, after BJP was strayed off power despite winning the election, the Uddhav Thackeray-led government ordered a stay on the construction of the car shed project.

The Aarey fiasco was the main benchmark in the manifesto after Shiv Sena took the throne joined with NCP and Congress.

The issue came to light after several law students had written a letter to the Supreme Court judge Ranjan Gogoi.

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