Action taken against the COVID-19 norms violators

Three airlines acted against seven passengers on March 15 and 16 (Monday and Tuesday), with two being taken off the aircraft before take-off for not wearing PPE gowns and five being handed over to security agencies on arrival for not wearing masks despite repeated warnings.

A senior DGCA official quotes, "AirAsia India offloaded two passengers from its Goa-Mumbai flight on March 15 (Monday) for not wearing PPE gown before take off,” It's compulsory for Passengers in the middle seat to wear a PPE gown.

A passenger flying from Delhi to Goa in IndiGo, on Tuesday first created a fuss about wearing the PPE gown as per requirement.

An IndiGo official quotes, “During the flight, she kept taking off her mask. The crew and pilots kept asking her to wear the same properly but she did not listen. She was handed over to the police on arrival in Goa”. Also, Alliance Air (AA) said on arrival

it handed over four passengers of its Jammu-Delhi flight on Tuesday to security agencies for refusing to wear masks despite repeated instructions by the cabin crew and even though the public announcement system.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Arun Kumar took a two-hour virtual meeting with all airport directors on Tuesday to ensure strict compliance of the Covid norms, and surprise checks across airport were ordered to see how effective security agencies, local management, and airlines are on cracking down those who disobey Covid protocol of maintaining social distance and wearing mask/PPE gowns. Passengers violating these norms could be banished from flying for anywhere up to two years under the DGCA’s unruly passenger rules. Around 38 airports have been inspected on Monday and Tuesday.

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