Address other serious issues, "no apologies, no waste of space": Kunal Kamra on contempt complaint

The standup comedian faced contempt charges over tweets that criticized the SC for the bail granted to Arnab Goswami

Comedian Kunal Kamra, on Friday, in an open letter to the Supreme Court judges and Attorney General K.K Venugopal, said he would not retract his tweets or apologize for his remarks.

This letter came a day after Attorney General KK Venugopal gave his nod to start criminal contempt proceedings against Kunal Kamra for his tweets in which he defiled the Supreme Court for granting interim to Republic TV editor in chief Arnab Goswami. In his consent letter, the Attorney General said Kamra's tweets were in 'bad taste' and defying the line between humor and contempt.

Kamra suggested that the court should give the allotted time to his hearing to countless other issues including petitions against demonetization, revocation of J&K special status, the legality of electoral bonds among many more.

His letter was titled "No lawyers, no apology, no fine, no waste of space" with special emphasis on the fundamental right of exercising one's opinion ad expression.

Silence of the Supreme Court of India on matters of other’s personal liberty cannot go uncriticised: Kamra

Kunal had posted four tweets "insinuating" as said by the Attorney General, the Supreme Court for granting interim bail to Arnab Goswami in a 2018 abatement of suicide case on Wednesday. He mocked the Supreme Court by calling it the "Supreme joke" of India.

The Attorney General KK Venugopal disregarded the tweets as "highly objectionable" which reduced the Supreme Court as a body of the ruling party, BJP, and not an "independent institution".

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