A Dent on Freedom Of Speech

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The new IT rules that have made all social media platforms come under its compliance are now seeking to regulate digital independent news media under it. To which it has issued a new notice, stating that stringent action will be undertaken if the digital media houses like The Wire, The Quint, and the Pravda Media Foundation, the parent company of Alt news do not comply with the rules.

To put a stay on such notice the Pravda Media Foundation has filed a petition on HC. But, this HC has rejected the plea because passing such a law at this stage is impossible where the defendant (centre) has already sent you a notice before and now it's on the verge of implementing it.

To this, the court has sought center response after the summer vacation. The court has also ordered the Ministry of IT to reply to the petition within four weeks.

Challenging the IT rules, media agency has told if such scenario happens they will be in grave danger. As the centre has applied the same rule as that of social media platforms and it might hamper the press freedom of these independent media houses.

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