Adivasis were never Hindus, They never will be said Jharkhand C.M

The Chief Minister talked about the major upliftment measures the government is going to undertake for Adivasis in a question/answer session

Hemant Soren C.M of Jharkhand said, "Adivasis were never Hindus and they never will be and that there should be no confusion about this".He was replying to a question about whether tribals were Hindus after delivering a virtual lecture at the 18th Annual India Conference at Harvard University Saturday night.

He also added, " The community always been a nature worshipers and that this is the reason why they are counted as 'indigenous people'.

In this interactive session, he said, his government has demanded from Central Government a separate column for Adivasis in the next census.“There are 32 tribal communities in our state, but in Jharkhand, we have not been able to promote our language, culture…,” he added.

Soren has expressed his annoyance on Central Government's Recruitment Policies, saying, “And why should it be. If the central government gives them jobs, and everyone will remain busy, who will pick the flag of the BJP,” he added.

He also objected to the previous BJP government's condemnable acts of achieving its political agenda by using the law, in this connection, he also mentioned activist, Father Stan Swamy, who was

jailed after being labeled as a conspirator by the Central Government.

When he was asked about the relevance and significance of the state slogan - "khanan Nahi,paryatan", he said, "The forests which Adivasi revere as a god, others see those forest areas like mines and minerals ”.He also said that the mineral-rich countries of the world are not in a good state now, so he wants to emphasise tourism instead of mining.

He also expressed his grievance about repression on ST, SC people by other casts:

"The mentality has not changed. I often hear people saying to Adivasi/SC/ST ‘tum log is layak nahi ho (you people are not capable)’,” he said.

Soren claimed though during the lockdown many workers died his government provided for many during the time.

He hoped, 2021 will be the year of employment and more vacancies will be made. State Government trying their best to provide opportunities to children of Adivasis to get Education.

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