ADR survey of new cabinet

source - Indian Express

Recently, a mega reshuffle took place in the cabinet of the NDA which took the country by blow. This week, the Modi's government welcomed 36 new faces to the council of ministers, taking the number to 78 out of 81 seats.

In the recent survey published by-poll rights group Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) which released reports on the ministers selected in the council. In this report, it stated that 33 out of 78 ministers (42%) have criminals case against them. Out of these ministers, 24 ministers are on serious charges of murders cited from the election affidavit.

Also, the reports showcased that 90% of the ministers of the new cabinet are millionaires and they have declared the total asset to 1 crore. The average growth per asset has risen to Rs. 16.24 crore per minister. The percentage of the cases from the previous survey has increased to 3%. In 2019 when the ADR survey was done, it projected 39%, of the ministers are accused of criminal charge sheets against them.

Examining their educational background, the ADR report stated that the majority of the ministers have completed their post-graduation. 9 of the graduates are doctorate and 17 are professional graduates. only 12 ministers are below graduates.

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