Adulterated toddy cause 143 people's health at risk in Telangana

Consumption of adulterated toddy led to a health disaster in Telangana

Due to the consumption of adulterated toddy in Vikarabad district Telangana, a person aged 55yr died. And 143 people including women are hospitalized on Sunday.

Patients are admitted to the nearest district hospital. The symptoms include – giddiness, nausea, and shivering. Excessive consumption of false liquor resulted in this scenario. But eventually, the number of people coming to the hospital increased, and all are diagnosed with the same condition, said the Police. After being admitted to the hospital 17 people treated soon and the condition of others are stable.

For now, the exact cause of the 55yr old man’s death will find out after the police do the post mortem. Also, the death is registered in the case of ‘unnatural death'.

Police started to investigate as some of them visited the toddy manufacturing company. As they say, they will soon find out the matter.

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