Afghan Students Fear Darkness As Taliban Regains Control Over The Nation

After the withdrawal of the US troops, the rise of the Talibans in Afghanistan has incurred fear in the hearts of the students.

Maliha Rahimi, 26, believes that an era of darkness may return as the Taliban makes quick strides across Afghanistan's countryside.

When the United States removed the Taliban in 2001, she had just started school following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“Today, after two decades of independence, Afghan women and girls are once again fearful of a return to that dark era of imprisonment, as the Taliban continues to encircle the countryside and a considerable number of locals have been displaced to the main cities, where they believe they will be safer. “I'm terrified,” she informed The Hindu from her Kabul home.

Ms. Rahimi, a postgraduate student of International Relations and Politics at Kerala's Mahatma Gandhi University, traveled for Kabul the earlier month to visit her family amid the state's ravaging pandemic.

Women still remember being beaten up by the Taliban for walking out alone or not covering their feet, she claimed, reliving the horrible days under the fascist Taliban dictatorship.

Ms. Rahimi stated parents were worried about their single or unmarried daughters. They were having them married since the scars of the civil war and Taliban regime that followed the Soviet army withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, are still fresh in their minds.

Mujahida Safi, an M.A. Public Policy and Governance student, claimed the situation in Kabul's core was still improving.

“However, in the provinces, there is a fight with the Taliban. The situation there is not good, as several places have fallen under Taliban control,” she warned.

The surge in Taliban attacks following the withdrawal of US soldiers, according to Ms. Safi, was a clear indicator that they've had training facilities abroad.

They've been reportedly receiving financial and military help. The gains of Afghanistan will be obliterated, and the nation will be paralyzed, if the Taliban arrive, fear the Afghan youth.

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