After 7 hours in mortuary freezer, a 'dead' man returns back to life in Moradabad

A bizarre incident took place in Moradabad, when a man presumed 'dead' came back to life after 7 hours in the mortuary freezer, leaving doctors in bewilderment and swelling the hearts of his family members with happiness.

Sreekesh Kumar (40), an electrician, was hit by a speeding bike, following which he was dashed to the district hospital, where he was pronounced dead by the doctors.

The following day, the hospital staff put the body in the freezer.

Nearly seven hours later, when a 'panchnama' or document, signed by family members after identifying the body and agreeing to an autopsy - was to be filed by the police, Kumar's sister-in-law Madhu Bala noticed that he was showing signs of movement.

In a video that went viral, Bala can be heard saying: "He's not at all dead. How did this happen? Look, he wants to say something, he is breathing."

“The emergency medical officer had seen the patient at around 3 am and there was no heartbeat. He told me he had examined the man multiple times. Therefore, he was declared dead. In the morning, a police team and his family found him alive. A probe has been ordered and our priority at the moment is to save his life,” a report by The Times of India quoted Moradabad chief medical superintendent, Dr Shiv Singh, as saying.

Dr. Shiv Singh described Kumar’s case as “rarest of the rare”.

He explained various difficulties are faced while pronouncing a person lifeless. Such difficulties can result in extraordinary situations, he said. He advised against calling it medical negligence until all reports are available.

After Kumar's came out alive from the freezer, he was sent to a health centre in Meerut, where the reports claim that his condition has improved. "He is yet to gain consciousness but doctors have assured us that he is out of danger,” Madhu Bala said.

The family is fuming at the doctors, though. “We will lodge a complaint against them for negligence as they almost killed Sreekesh despite him being alive," Madhu Bala said.

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