After involving in a deadly chaos, the Taliban urges Afghans to leave the Kabul airport.

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As the Taliban seized the city of Kabul on Sunday, the people with fear in them stimulated a rush, trying to leave the place, hence gathering in and around the airport leading to death and chaos.

12 people got killed since Sunday, said a NATO and a Taliban official. He also added that the deaths were caused either by gunshots or by stampedes.

The Taliban on Thursday urged the people still crowded at the gate, who did not have the legal right to travel, to go home.

"We don't want to hurt anyone at the airport", said the Taliban official who refused to be identified.

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After a striking headway across the country by the Taliban forces, Kabul, which was generally calm involved in chaos as the people raced in order to depart from the Afghan capital.

On Wednesday, some Taliban gunmen prevented people to enter the airport area, said some witnesses. Commanders and soldiers had to fire into the air to dismiss the crowd, said a Taliban official. The situation became calmer on Thursday as said by the witnesses.

About 8,000 people have flown from the airport since Monday.

"It's a complete disaster. The Taliban were firing into the air, pushing people, beating them with AK-47s", said an individual who tried to get out on Wednesday.

The Taliban also agreed to not attack the foreign forces which left. They are putting on a modest face saying that they have changed since their 1996-2001 rule when they gravely confined women, staged public execution and blew up ancient Buddhist statues.

They are also stating that they want peace and will not take revenge against old enemies. They would also respect the rights of women within the substructure of Islamic law.

But how true is this? Are we ready to believe or should we? The answer to this question is yet in jeopardy.

The Taliban has a brutal history of their enforcement of laws, which resulted in the harsh treatments of burning vast areas of fertile lands, destroying homes, starving them etcetera.

Keeping in mind such a treatment, it is obvious for the Afghan civilians to get involved in chaos with the constant fear of their lives.

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