Air India Express Suspended Till October 2 From Dubai For Bringing “Covid-Positive” Passengers

Air India Express allegedly took passengers with Covid-positive reports to Dubai

According to the UAE government rules, each passenger travelling from India are supposed to bring an original Covid-negative certificate from the RT-PCR test done 96 hours before the journey.

A passenger who had Covid-positive on September 2, travelled on Air India Express Jaipur-Delhi flight on September 4. A similar incident occurred with a passenger on one of the airline’s other Dubai flights previously. Following these incident, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) has suspended Air India Express flights from September 18 to October 2.

The airline confirmed, “The notice has been issued on account of erroneous acceptance of one Covid positive passenger by the airline’s ground handling agents at Delhi and Jaipur on Air India Express flights to Dubai on 28th August and 4th September, respectively.” The ground handling agencies have take strict actions against their employees who were responsible for the lapses at Delhi and Jaipur.

Passengers who were seated close to the Covid positive passenger on each flight had undergone a covid test or have been quarantined as per the Dubai Health authority. The handling agents have been advised to implement a three-tier checking mechanism as a precaution to avoid such lapse in future.

The carrier said, “The affected passengers who have booked to fly to Dubai are also given option to rebook to a future date.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the 10 countries with which India has formed a bilateral air bubble pact. In this pact, airlines of both the countries can operate international passenger flights with certain restrictions.

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