Air India Flight made an Emergency landing at Kozhikode, fire alarm from the cargo bay

An emergency landing of an Air India Express flight was made at Kozhikode in Kerala on Friday. In fact, they alerted the flight pilots to the fire alarm in the cargo compartment and made a flight landing with 17 passengers. The flight got scheduled for Calicut-Kuwait. The people aboard the ship have suffered no injuries, nor have the aircraft been damaged.

Details from the spot

The pilots detected a fire alarm from Cargo Bay. They made an emergency landing at Kozhikode International Airport in Kerala. It is widely being considered that the alarm was false, but a thorough investigation about the sudden incident is in process.

The flight at Kozhikode airport runway. Source: Business Standard

The words of officials

The spokesperson of Air India said, "An Air India Express flight made a precautionary landing at Kozhikode today after pilots detected a fire alarm from cargo. With 17 passengers on board, the flight was scheduled for Calicut to Kuwait,".

According to Muhammed Sahid, the Airport Director-in charge, all the passengers and crew members on board flight IX 393 are safe.

An accident took place in Kozhikode last year also

Last year, an Air India Express plane slipped into a ditch while landing at Karipur Airport in Kozhikode, Kerala. The flight coming from Dubai had 190 passengers, including pilots and crew members. Last month, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said, "During the heavy rains, the plane crashed into two parts after falling into a 35 feet deep ditch in the accident and they admitted 149 people to hospitals the next day of the accident." The Air Accident Investigation Board announced A five-member committee to investigate the Kozhikode plane crash. The board had said that the committee would submit its report in five months.

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