All hail the sexist Bollywood music!

Misogyny on display in an item number featuring Kareena Kapoor. Guess what's the name of this song- Fevicol Se.

There's a simple reckoning that runs well in the Bollywood music industry - make women well savoured dishes and top the charts.

Well, the golden age is gone if there's anyone whose ears have not been rattled by the relentless sexist tunes in birthday parties.

Whether it's the glorification of fair skin through songs like 'Beyonce Sharma Jayegi' or objectifying women through obscene lyrics of 'Fevicol Se', Bollywood has never stood away from normalizing female objectification.

The standard of viewership is still limited to watching a movie where a song just runs along with the plot but when listened to a song in isolation, the trickery comes to light.

Haven't we danced to the tunes of Govinda's songs in the 90s? The Anil Kapoors, Sanjay Dutts among many more of the superstars have all shaken their legs to the chartbusters that reduced women to just a fetish, a thing.

Giving a keen look, the dearth of beautiful and poetic songs has largely been faded out by a collection of demeaning and inappropriate remakes ruining the evergreen efforts of true creators like A.R Rahman, Vishal Bharadwaj, etc. Only if our playlists were not plagued with misogyny enough!

But the question comes as to how these tracks gain such a craze nationwide? Why not simply refrain from tuning in?

Because people like us enjoy the glam and glitter these songs offer without noticing how consent is a matter of sharing a thumka and 'groping' a 'yes' from women.

Who's to blame for the ruining of a golden era of beautiful, poetic music? Troll culture has shamelessly turned music into chaos.

Macho culture has popularised stalking and eve-teasing in the name of romance. If a man has vowed to love a woman, the woman has to love him back even though she lacks the basic hints of affection for him.

Men feel comfortable after boxing women up accordingly. If her character remains bowed down, she's sanskari but suddenly becomes a bad girl if she dares to disregard a man's efforts of trying to snatch her autonomy.

This customary trolling of women's choice and body through item numbers with nonsensical lyrics paves the way to the rape culture in Indian cinema. Adding to our misery is that women who are being portrayed as jolly in the song give in to the expectations of huge monetary benefits. The superb beats on which women dance are seen as an affirmation or a "go-ahead" message to the lusty patriarchal society.

Also, there's no rigid protest from the female workforce to at least question this farce supremacy of Bollywood's male fraternity. And if there is a sign of protest from women, an all-round gaslighting turns up the stupid populace against the outspoken witchcraft of our heroines.No wonder the preconceived notion of women being the pacifiers in the lives of women has been spearheaded by Bollywood.

Not to accuse the actors or filmmakers who have been part of such a mockery but this uni-dimensional portrayal of women has to be rectified big time. The era of problematic lyrics begun long ago and there's no denying that we've danced to these tunes just for the fun of it in get-togethers, parties, etc. But the narrow, short-sighted, stereotypical approach is crying to be done away with.

Unless songs like 'Genda Phool' rule our hearts with their steamy themes, sexism will continue to thrive and be served in a platter to us to be enjoyed by the masses.

Just a big NO to this glorification because we can still have peppy, groovy numbers without being racist and without objectifying anyone.

It's all about churning out those creative juices and not just succumb to the never-ending struggle of commercial success.

Has the productivity hormones of skilled musicians dried out or does T-Series think glamour can fool the millennials into a regressive culture of objectification?

Or has our conscience stooped to levels where we celebrate obscenity heartily?


This opinion is a collaboration between Anushka Sejal and Samyak Singh. We accord with truth and all our views here have been expressed with no intentions of harming the repute of any organization.

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