All that you need to know about Greta's "Toolkit" case.

“On January 26th, the government will be celebrating the adoption of its constitution with a military parade, while continuing to perpetuate harmful policies that violate their own Constitution.” - the toolkit.

The “toolkit” was uploaded on Twitter by Greta Thunberg, the Swedish activist on February 3rd, Wednesday. Following the upload raged a ‘Tweetstorm’ leading to more disputes, including the arrest of a 21-year-had old.

It contained lists on ‘urgent actions’ and ‘prior actions’, describing meticulously on how the protests against the three contentious farm laws should be done. The toolkit called for online strikes, protests around Indian missions abroad, media houses, government buildings and also suggested tagging our prime minister, agricultural minister and other heads of our nation and international bodies with ‘Ask India Why’ hashtag.

The document ‘exposed’ details about the 26th January riots, as per the Delhi cops. Targeting Republic Day was explained by the deep contempt the document showed for Indian democracy. It said that “India has a long history of human rights violations, violence, and a cruel indifference for its most vulnerable citizens”.

Consequently, the Delhi police labeled the toolkit as a pro-Khalistani move. They pressed charges on Thursday against the creators of the toolkit created by Greta. Greta would delete and re-upload an ‘updated toolkit’ that called for protests on 13th and 14th February. The police would transcribe the case as an ‘overseas conspiracy’ enmeshed in the farmer protests.

In connection to this incident, Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old activist living in Bengaluru was arrested on 13th February from her home on the grounds of editing the toolkit and sending it ahead. She was one of the founders of the “Friday the Future” campaign. Ravi was produced in court and would be held in police custody for 5 days. The Delhi Police considered the creator of the toolkit, the ‘Poetic Justice Foundation’ as Khalistani group. Their point of view was that “if you go by unfolding of events of January 26, it reveals a copycat execution of the action plan.”

The police registered the case for “spreading disaffection against the government of India- its regarding sedition and disharmony between the groups on religious, social and cultural grounds.” The policy aimed to ask Google and the media giants to provide them with URLs and ids of the social media accounts belonging to the creators of the toolkit, that was uploaded through Google docs and shared on Twitter. The Centre also asked Twitter to delete 1178 accounts, which said to spread miscommunication and disputation about the farmer riots.

Disha Ravi gets arrested after the "toolkit Tweetstorm".(Source:

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