Amazon Changes Its Logo After Customers Find Resemblance to Hitler's Mustache

Twitter was flooded with opinions about the new Amazon logo that came in Jan 2021. The logo featured an envelope with an arrow mouth. The viewers pointed out that the strip of blue tape at the top somehow resembled the mustache of German dictator Adolf Hitler.

According to a customer tweet, “My parents use Amazon nearly every day. They’re going to be lost for the next few days. When they ask where Amazon’s gone, I’ll tell them to look for the cardboard Hitler.”

The logo apparently looked like a “happy little cardboard Adolf”. Amazon gave a statement regarding the launch of the new logo. They said the new logo was to inspire anticipation, excitement, and joy in the customers during shopping.

The new logo features a tape on the Amazon package that is folded at the bottom. This suggests the opening of an Amazon package.

The latest plans of the company include opening the first checkout-free supermarket in the UK. Also, 30 Amazon Go stores are set to be established all across the country, starting from Ealing, West London.

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