Amazon ready to enter Television marketing; introduces new features on their large screen TVs.

Image Source: Google Images

E-commerce company 'Amazon' is constructing to make a step into Television marketing with its very own branded TVs. The screens of these TVs are supposed to be 55-75 inches including Alexa. The big-screen TVs are likely to be launched in October.

Third parties such as TCL are designing and manufacturing these TVs. The companies have been working on this project for two years which is going to be successful in the upcoming month. The TVs are initially to be launched in the US.

However, in India, the company offers Amazon Basics-branded TVs. It has also partnered up with BestBuy in order to sell Toshiba and Insignia TVs that are fueled by Amazon Fire TV software.

Another intelligent feature which is being introduced in the TV is 'Adaptive Volume'. This mode will ensure that the users can hear Alexa in case of a noisy background. For example, dishwashing, music playing, people talking, etc.

This smart feature will increase the volume of the TV but Amazon does not mention Adaptive Volume working in the opposite way, that is to reduce volume automatically when there is no background noise. That has to be done manually.

However, with the launch of its TVs, Amazon will put in direct competition with Sony, LG, Samsung, and more than sell their products off of Amazon.

For Amazon, it's another step to build an Apple-like ecosystem with its offerings like Amazon Prime, Fire TV Stick, Alexa, and its e-commerce platforms.

Nevertheless, till now, Amazon did not announce this officially.

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