Ambedkar’s vision towards nationality

Source- The Indian Express

Ambedkar’s birthday :

Yesterday was the birthday of this great India Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, also known as Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. He was born on 14th April 1861. Today I’m going to frame short writing on this auspicious occasion.

Whenever we visualize Ambedkar’s picture in our mind, the first thing that arrives in our mind is his work for social democracy.

Constituent Assembly :

In the last meeting of the Constituent Assembly ,he had categorically said that in India both the caste system and the democracy cannot coexist, that’s the reason the Indian Constitution barred Discrimination based on caste and language.

Indian Constitution :

Ambedkar drafted the Indian Constitution along with his colleagues, to give every citizen, a voice to the traditions, faith and beliefs of the country. In his vision all the people living in India, are the citizens of Indian, used to get more priority, rather than their other identities.

If we look at Ambedkar’s statement in the Constituent Assembly, we will find a unique confluence of politics, law, history and philosophy. In November 1948, while proposing to consider the draft of the Constitution, he explained the decision to call India a “Union of States” and not a “Federation of States”.

Social Separation Of India :

Ambedkar in regards with the challenge of social separation of India, said, “If we want to build a democracy, we have to recognise the obstacles in our path because the grand palace of the Constitution stands on the foundation of people’s allegiance in democracy.”

Nationalism has no place for parochialism :

In his eyes, nationalism has no place for parochialism. He used to think and treat every citizen as the same because he does not believe in discrimination.

Nationality :

He described nationality as “consciousness of kind, awareness of the existence of that tie of kinship.” This is the only reason how people come close to each other and develop a sense of fraternity.

Idea of narrowness :

In, the idea of narrowness is the biggest obstacle. He clearly said that he wanted all the people of India to consider themselves as Indian and only Indian.

French Constitution :

Ambedkar while making the Constitution of India took three words from French Constitution- liberty, equality, and fraternity. These words are mainly visible in the Constitution's core. That’s the reason fundamental rights provided by the Constitution enshrine the right to equality through Articles 14 to 18, the right to freedom through Article 19 to 22 and the right against exploitation (Articles 23 and 24).

Woman's education :

He had also given priority to women's education and development. As he used to think, women can equally succeed and give India a bright future. That’s the reason he stood for the woman's empowerment.

Article 370 :

Article 370 was also added to the Constitution against his will, which was abrogated after 72 years of Independence with the powerful will and resolve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

Ambedkar’s thoughts :

If we go into the totality of Ambedkar’s thoughts, we will find the seeds of equality, unity, and integrity. His philosophy ofbahujana hitaya bahujana sukhaya and its belief in equality and justice is relevant today and will remain so in the future.

Ambedkar’s death :

He died on 6th December 1956, at 65. He may not be alive with us, but he will remain in our hearts forever. As we cannot pay him back for his sacrifice. We just salute this great man.

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