An Afghan Man arrested for attempting to enter airport using a cancelled ticket

An Afghan man was apprehended by CISF when he tried to enter Terminal-III of the Delhi International Airport using a canceled ticket. Source- NDTV

The CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) apprehended an Afghan Man at the Delhi International Airport on Wednesday. According to the officer’s report on Thursday, this man allegedly tried to enter the terminal using a 'canceled ticket'.

The passenger's name was MA Nazimi. The passenger tried entering the area of Terminal-III in the Indira Gandhi International Airport. His activity aroused suspicion and on being noticed by security personnel, he was intercepted and inquired about his actions. This event took place on Wednesday at noon.

It also came to light that this man told the security personnel that he tried using the canceled ticket of Kam Airlines bound for Kabul to gain entry into the terminal.

A senior officer stated that the man from Afghanistan tried using the ticket in his name to enter the airport and see off his relatives who were traveling to Kabul.

The man was handed over to the Delhi Police by the CISF personnel. The police have charged him with various sections of IPC meant for cheating and forgery, as reported by another officer.

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