An entrepreneur and IIT-Bombay graduate lambasted for mocking someone's English fluency

English is a language that connects the world. One-fourth of the world is either fluent with the language or content with it. Fluency in English is often mistaken as an indicator of education and intellect in India. Sahil Vaidya, an entrepreneur who is the co-founder of The Minimalist and an IIT-Bombay graduate, according to his LinkedIn bio, is criticized for mocking someone's grammar in the business networking platform. He wrote, "When someone says ' Your screen is getting stucked, I can't able to see it, you wonder what to fix first: the screen or their grammar."

Image collected from LinkedIn

Mr. Vaidya was showered with comments which emphasized that there is no relatedness between a person's abilities and his/her language proficiency.

"Never understood the link between fluency in English and a person's abilities. Your post reeks of attitude." commented one LinkedIn user.

'Classist overtone' is another remark which many LinkedIn users pointed where English medium schools are given access as a sign of privilege'.

"Low key classist comment. We grew up with great English speaking schools and impeccable internet. Everyone didn't. Too bad they don't teach empathy in aforementioned great English speaking schools." said another commenter.

This post got viral only after two weeks when a Twitter user, named Arti Gupta plucked it and pointed his own grammatical errors in the post. '17,000 likes' and over a thousand comments flooded on the critic's post on Twitter and in LinkedIn and why shouldn't it be? It is objectionable for a well-educated IIT student to portray somebody's fluency and mixing it up with their capability.

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