An Era Of Yellow Journalism

There is an essence of Yellow Journalism in this world

What is Yellow Journalism?

Yellow journalism simply means exaggeration and glorification of minor news or news of less importance while ignoring news of national or global importance. Evidently we have seen the invasion of private lives especially of celebrities, which is both unethical and unprofessional.

The real essence of journalism is the discipline of verification, being unbiased, and that it cannot be objective.

The aim of journalism is to create awareness concerning our society, politics, sports, global events, different cultures, and human rights. Journalism should not be reduced to a platform that is only meant for gossips and controversies. It has a huge role to play, to eradicate ignorance. The sole purpose of journalism is to uphold transparency.

Independent journalism and organizations should be supported instead of journalism which is supported by government or capitalistic motives to preserve the real essence of journalism. Perhaps it is high time that we understand what is ethical and what is unethical, what is beneficial for mankind, and what is scandal-mongering.

The history of journalism is remarkable, renowned personalities and activists in the past are known to be involved with the first-ever printing press and journalism itself, and has been part of several life-altering movements and revolutions.

So, let’s not turn journalism into some tool of corruption.

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