An Ex-BJP MLA sexually assaulted a girl student

An Ex-BJP MLA was beaten up by the family members of a girl student of his college for sexually assaulting her. A video of this whole incident has gone viral in social media sites.

According to the report, the Ex-BJP MLA was none other than Maya Shankar Pathak, who is the chairman of a college run by the MP Group in Bhagatua area of Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi.

The video which has gone viral in that it has been seen that nearly about 10 family members of that girl were seen storming at Pathak's office. Among the 10 members, 2 of them asked about the reason behind such a nonsense attitude towards that student. Later he was beaten up by the family members and residents. The viral video showed Pathak sitting in a chair and holding his ears.

According to the news agency report, Pathak has apologized for his hilarious behaviour towards the girl. The girl's family members had not registered any complaint against him.

Chaubeypur police station in-charge SK Shukla has said, "that no FIR has been filed but the matter is probed investigated based on the video."

Abhishek Pandey Circle Officer of Pindra said, "Police are checking the authenticity of the viral video. No complaint has been received from any of the parties involved."

Pathak has alleged that the entire incident a political conspiracy. He claimed that the girl was preparing a speech for Republic Day but she was unable to read it properly so he scolds that girl and sent away.

Pathak said, "About eight days back, the student came to me regarding a speech she was preparing for January 26. I shooed her away saying she couldn't do it. For that, some people belonging to a political party and caste beat me up yesterday. It was politically motivated." He also added, "If scolding a student is a crime, I apologise for same. I did not realise that the girl's family was making a video while talking to me. This is a political conspiracy."

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