An ill-treated woman leaps from her employer's building in Abu Dhabi to escape; reaches KIA safely

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"I can't believe I am back here. I just want to get back to my family and begin afresh", said a 27 year old woman tearfully after escaping from her employer's house in Abu Dhabi.

Twenty hours in a day without enough food, not enough rest, no change of clothes and even a passport snatched away outlines the four-month nightmare of a 27-year-old Bengaluru woman which she experienced in Abu Dhabi.

She escaped from such maltreatment by leaping off the window of her employer's house and then solicited asylum in the Indian embassy.

This 27-year-old woman was born and brought up in Bagalur, Bengaluru. She has three younger siblings and her parents whom she supports with her remuneration by working as a domestic helper in the locality.

But the pandemic made her unwaged and she grappled to feed her family of six and buy medicines for her parents.

Then she met Aisha from Goripalya who was an illegal agent and promised to give her a domestic helper placement in Abu Dhabi and a monthly wage of Rs.30,000. The 27-year-old woman (name not to be disclosed) thought that Aisha was Godsend in her time of crisis and accepted the hearty offer.

"For someone who was struggling to meet ends in Bengaluru, the offer was enticing. So she took accepted in and flew to UAE in March end", said PN Nagendra Babu, the officer attached to Office of Protector of Emigrants, Bengaluru.

When she landed in Abu Dhabi, she was collected by a Sri Lankan agent named Ajmal, who drove her to her employer's residence, who was an Emirati family.

The woman had no idea what horrors awaited her. She had to work non-stop which included cleaning, washing as well as gardening.

"She was woken up at 4 am for work and subjected to harsh treatment with not enough food, water or change of clothes. Even after two months, the family didn't pay her anything", said Nagendra Babu.

The Emirati family did not allow her to keep a cell phone. Yet, she managed to arrange a phone and contacted the Sri Lankan agent, Ajmal and narrated her predicament.

Ajmal, even after learning about her situation, allegedly asks a sum of Rs.3 lakhs to return her passport.

She finally gathered courage on July 25th and leapt from the first-floor window of her employer's house, while they were asleep and ran to the Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi insisting on returning to Bengaluru.

The process of repatriation began when Subham Singh, IFS and the Protector of Emigrants, Bengaluru was contacted by the embassy team. The Indian Embassy issued her an emergency certificate as she was not given her passport back and then after days of unpredictability, she landed in Bengaluru on an Air India flight.

On Friday evening, the 27-year woman, after months of maltreatment and torment, reached the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) and PN Nagendra Babu received her at the airport. She turned emotional as soon as she saw her brother at the airport who came to pick her up.

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