Angry with his wife, a man set his in-law's house on fire - 4 kids among 6 died.

(Source: Times of India)

A 50-year-outdated estate employee, identified as Yeravara Boja, angry with his wife for leaving the house burnt her brother's house, killing her and 5 other people of the family including 4 children. The incident happened in the early hours of Saturday, April 3. The family gathered with many relatives for Good Friday. The people were in deep sleep when the fire spread. Only 4 people survived the fire. They informed Boja has had a strained relationship with his wife Babi (40) for years now. 7 days ago, after the fight, she walked out of the house and stayed at her brother’s home. Both Boja and Manju- his brother-in-law works at estates in Mugutageri village of Ponnampet taluk in Kodagu. Police said that Boja had been threatening his wife on call, stating that he will cause her harm if she refuses to return to him. There was a huge gathering at Manju’s line home in the estate. It included Manju's second wife- Bhojakki and their eight-month-old son, and two sons from his first marriage. There was also a distant relative named Thola and his two kids and his aunt, Cheethe. By midnight, the entire family went off to sleep. Police informed that around 2 am, Boja came to the house with a can of petrol, intensely drunk. He climbed a ladder, opened several roof tiles, poured petrol into the small house, and set fire to it. He ran away after locking the residence. Cheethe (45), Prarthana (Thola's daughter,6), and an infant died on the spot. Prakash (6) and Vishwas (7) - Manju’s sons from his first marriage, and Thola’s four-year-old son, Vishwas, died right after reaching the hospital in Mysuru. Manju and Thola saved Bhojakki and the infant. Gonikoppal police reported they are being treated and are now out of danger. They have registered a case of murder against Boja, and police are on the lookout for him.

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