Army Officials rescue Pregnant Lady amidst bad weather conditions in J&K

Locals and Indian Army Officials rescue pregnant woman amidst bad weather conditions in J&K. Source- NDTV

The Torna Battalion of the Indian Army conducted an emergency evacuation of a pregnant woman yesterday night. The army along with few locals helped the patient amidst heavy snowfall and bad road conditions. The woman was shifted to a primary health care center in Boniyar from J&K's Sumawali.

The Army team said that they carried the woman on a stretcher for about 5 km. Then they shifted her in an army ambulance.

The Army Press Release said that they received a distress call at late night on 22nd March. The locals stated that a pregnant lady required 'urgent medical assistance. The lady was 9 months pregnant and was in critical condition.

According to a statement by the Indian Army, "The medical team was rushed to the location. The medical officer carried out a quick medical examination of the patient. Thereafter, they suggested an emergency evacuation."

The statement also said, "Despite the inclement weather and heavy snowfall, the team along with locals carried the patient on a stretcher for 5 km. Thereafter, the team shifted the patient to Army Gypsy-based ambulance."

The visibility was extremely low due to the heavy snowfall. The bad road conditions further made it harder.

The Army also said, "Alongside, the Army contacted PHC Boniyar. They passed advance information to the Gynecologist about the evacuation. Despite bad weather and road conditions, the rescue team reached the PHC in time and admitted the patient."

The family and locals expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the timely help from the Army officials.