Around 19 boys were rescued from Ranchi airport.

Anand Prakash Singh, in charge of the Ranchi airport police station, reported that they arrested one Raju Ganjhu for the alleged trafficking.

Source: Hindustan Times.

As many as 19 boys were allegedly being trafficked. As per reports, they were rescued from Ranchi airport when they were brought there to board a Jammu-bound flight.

Singh claimed,

“Raju Ganjhu as well as the rescued boys, are from Latehar district. Raju has been arrested, and a case has been filed with the anti-trafficking police station. All of them (boys) are minors in the age group of 14-16. They have been handed over to the Child Welfare Committee which would coordinate with the concerned authorities and take further action."

The dresses the boys were wearing and their body language raised suspicion amongst

“When they were quizzed about their age and other relevant information, they claimed they were adults when they clearly appeared to be minors. The person taking them along also could not give the right information.”

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