Artificial water bodies set up in Kolkata, to serve devotees in Chhath Puja

With the tiff still going on between SC and KMDA regarding usage of water bodies on and for the Chhath Puja festivities, the Kolkata Municipal Supply Corporation officials had supervised in preparation of makeshift ghats about 48 hours before the puja rituals. According to an official, the water bodies would serve the lakhs of devotees, sixteen out of them have been artificially created.

In addition, the KMDA authority will look after the 51 water bodies set up for the devotees. Chairman of the KMC has remarked that such Artificial creation of water bodies will aid lakhs of devotees in Kolkata. He also inaugurated one of the Artificial water bodies off Prince Anwar Shah Road in Kolkata. Another artificial pond was prepared at Panditiya, which will be used by a sizeable Bihari Population population, who would have otherwise opted in for the lake.

The KMDA officials have also remarked that in addition to the building up of makeshift tanks, bio-toilets and the large water reservoir would also be made so as to benefit the devotees.

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