Arvind Kejriwal says 'may unlock if cases decline', Delhi lockdown extended till May 31.

While press briefing, CM Kejriwal said,

"In April positivity rate had reached 36% means if we were testing 100 samples then 36 were coming out positive and now if I tell you about the tally of past 24 hours then this rate has gone down to 2 and a half per cent which means now if we test 100 people then 2 and a half are only testing positive and over 97 are testing negative. In April there was one day when there were 28,000 cases in one day and in last 24 hours there are 1600 cases."

Source: Twitter.

Cases have curved down sharply and if this condition remains then Delhi will unlock the process from May 31, claimed by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. The positivity rate in the national capital has come down from 36 percent to 2 and a half percent.

Further adding to this, the national capital has got control over the crisis.

However, the officials have suggested that extending the restrictions for one more week will be beneficial as there are chances of people's efforts, discipline, and sacrifice to go in vain if unlock is declared.


CM said that,

"We didn't know how long this wave would have lasted. But within a month, the people of Delhi cooperated. Delhi has fought the virus like a family... even when there was an oxygen emergency... now there is an acute vaccine shortage. But I believe we will find a solution to this too."

The city is also making preparations to deal with a third wave, which, experts said, may target children. Committee will be formed to look into the logistics that is the availability of medicines, oxygen, and beds in the national capital, the Delhi government said in a statement and it would also form a task force of pediatricians and senior IAS officers.

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