As Delhi air quality is 'severe', the court suggested two days of lockdown.

Supreme Court on Saturday reprimanded both center and Delhi government for deteriorating air quality in the national capital.

Court has also asked Govt to take a step to ameliorate the situation. the court further, suggested a two-day lockdown to improve the pollution level in Delhi.

A bench headed by the chief justice of India N V Ramana said the situation of pollution is extremely unhealthy. People have to wear masks at home also...what step has taken to tackle air pollution CJI asked the center.

Asking the center and the state to submit their response within two days 'what measure will you take to tackle this situation?

Breathing the Delhi air seems like smoking 20 cigarettes a day. "Tell us how we can reduce AQI(air quality index) from 500 at least by 200 points. The air quality in Delhi remained in a 'severe' category on Saturday morning.AQI was recorded at 473 in Delhi.

The court further stated the blame game has become a new fashion, basing farmers is easy, " stubble can be part of the problem, not the only reason. emphasizing the health of the children, the court lashed out at the center for its reluctance to control the situation and for the decision of reopening of school that's why children are exposed to the pollutant.

An AQI between zero to 50 is considered good, 51 to 100 'satisfactory', 101 to 100 'moderate', 201 to 300 poor, 301 to 400 very poor, and 401 to 500 severe.

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