As O2 pressure dips in Rohini hospital, 20 people died.

"We lost 20 patients, almost all of whom were in the critical care unit and on a high flow of oxygen. Our liquid medical oxygen stock was over by about 10pm (on Friday) and then we switched over to the oxygen cylinders attached to the main gas pipeline. There was a drop in pressure and the patients could not survive,” said Dr Deep Baluja, medical director of the hospital.

Source: Hindustan Times.

Covid patients, mostly admitted to the critical care unit of Jaipur Golden hospital in Rohini, died due to low oxygen pressure as the hospital struggled with depleting oxygen stock, officials reported. Despite this, officials said the hospital received the requisite supply of oxygen only after it raised the alarm twice, just the next day of the incident.

Jaipur Golden hospital was supposed to receive its quota of oxygen at 5.30 pm on Friday but got an emergency supply at around midnight after raising the alarm, according to the officials.

Will people of Delhi not get oxygen if there is no oxygen-producing plant here? Please suggest whom should I speak to in Central government when an oxygen tanker destined for Delhi is stopped in another state? Kejriwal said during the Covid-review conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A senior police officer said that the hospital management (Jaipur Golden Hospital) declared that 20 patients died on Friday night because of a deficit of oxygen, we expected a backlash from the family and relatives of the deceased.

After the hospital issued an SOS about the lives of 200 other patients, the situation got reviewed and accordingly deployed police personnel.

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