ASI Team Unearth Huge Buddha Statue At Hazaribagh

Buddha Statue at Bahronpur (Source: The Telegraph)

Hazaribagh: A team of archaeologists had started excavating the Bahronpur Village in November 2019. Later they had to halt due to the pandemic situation. Recent excavations in the area have unearthed a colossal statue of Gautama Buddha. The excavating team found it within a 20-kilometer radius of the district headquarters. They were digging a ninth-century Buddhist Shrine and monastery at that time.

Virendra Kumar Partha, a member of the excavating team from ASI (Archaeological Survey Department) informed about other findings at the site. Those included pottery, walls, stairs, and tools. According to him, the Buddha has a 10-inch long face. So statue to be huge. Currently, the team is making safe efforts to extract the statue. The team has also found a tilted-back Buddha statue.

The ASI had heard about the historical significance from Buddhist Monk, Bhante Tiswarro. While building houses many residents did find remains of ancient idols in the area.

Later discoveries revealed that in the early days, Bahronpur was not only a shrine or a monastery. It was a developed city by all means.

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