Authority shifted Arnab Goswami to Tajola Jail after he was found being "active over social media"

Arnab Goswami being shifted to Tajola Jail (Source - The Indian Express)

Navi Mumbai: The police officials of Raigad moved renowned Tv reporter, Arnab Goswami, to Tajola jail from Alibaug on Sunday daylight. Officials revealed that the makeshift was very essential as he was caught using his social media account while being detained.

Goswami is one of the accusers in the abetment suicide case of Anvay Naik & his mother, Kumud. SI of Raigad Crime Branch, Jamil Shaikh revealed that Arnab was caught using his social media account through somebody else smartphone in the late evening, on Friday.

However, Arnab denied all these allegations and said he do not have any social media accounts. Officials also revealed in a statement that they have seized Arnab's personal mobile when he got arrested from his house.

Inspector Shaikh also said that he had already written to the superevident of Alibaug Jail and has sought an inquiry report on how Mr. Goswami got access to using a cellphone under the personnel of Alibaug. Moreover, officials of Tajora jail denied any assault-related allegations and said they will provide the footage of CCTV as proof for that.

Inspector Shaikh feared that Arnab can again get access to the mobile phone in the Alibaug jail, hence he wrote the letter to higher officials and asked for permission for shifting Arnab to Tajola.

He further added to his statement that an investigation is being held on how Arnab got access to a mobile phone while being held in the Alibaug Jail cum quarantine center.

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