Averted terror attack: another as Pulwama.

Not long back had India faced heinous Pulwama, a terror attack which cost us losing over 40 of our brave army men that another Pulwama-like attack got averted buy the army almost in the same region?

According to the army officers, around 52 kilograms of explosives called 'super 90' were discovered at the spot very close to the highway and only 9 kilometers away from the site of the last year's Pulwama attack.

A joint search operation also was held at 8 in the morning on Thursday at the Karewa area of Gadikal where the soldiers found a buried Syntex tank in an orchard.

A total of around 52 kgs of explosives were discovered in a water tank which included 416 packets of explosives with 125 gms in each. More research resulted in another such tank with 50 detonators, the army said.

On February 14 of 2019, over 40 soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber stabbed a full explosive loaded the car into a security convoy. Around 35 kgs of RDX plastic explosives, in addition to gelatin sticks were used in the attack.

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