Averted terrorist attack, Al-Qaeda operatives accused

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has claimed to have busted the Pak-sponsored Al-Qaida module on Saturday which was aiming to attack precious installations of India and was also vitally involved in planning a terror attack in multiple places which included Delhi NCR.

Including the leader of the module, 9 other accused have been arrested earlier on Saturday in simultaneous raids at Murshidabad and Ernakulam in West Bengal and Kerala respectively.

As per the preliminary investigation, The module leader Abu Sufiyan of Murshidabad, one among the nine arrested, who actively took part in fundraising including few members planning to travel New Delhi as to procure arms and ammunition are said to have been formulated by Al-Qaeda terrorists on social media and also to attempt attacks on several places including Delhi NCR.

The attack was set to create terror in the minds of people By aiming to kill several innocents. NIA had reportedly had learned about the inter-state module Al-Qaeda operatives.

Among the nine arrested, six were from West Bengal and three from Kerala. Digital Gadgets, documents, jihadi literature, sharp weapons, country-made firearms, locally fabricated body armor, explosives have been seized from their possession.

Boxes of crackers, switches, and batteries used in the assembly of IED have been recovered from Murshidabad's leader and among the accused arrested, Abu Sufiyan.

The nine arrested will be brought before the respective courts of West Bengal and Kerala for police custody and further investigation.

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