AWFUL! Teenager from Rajasthan escaped and complained against father for trying to selling her off

A teenager from Rajasthan complaint against her father and paternal relatives for trying to sell her off and mental and physical harassment.

Human Trafficking is one of the biggest threats to society nowadays. Women and Children are often traded for sexual and economic exploitation. But what happened in Rajasthan recently is a highly unexpected and startling one.

According to police reports, A 16-year-old girl from the Barmer District of Rajasthan has somehow escaped from captivity and lodged a complaint against her father and paternal relatives for misbehaving with her.

She also said, her father tried to sell her off.

Her father had set ablaze her mom years ago and since then, he is continuously harassing her mentally and physically, She added.

When she tried to resist her father's evil plan of selling her, he locked her in one room, and the day, when customers came to take her away, she somehow managed to escape.

Since then, she is living with her maternal relatives, but her father has allegedly lodged a "false" complaint of kidnapping the girl against her maternal relatives.

The frightened and helpless girl said to Police that if she returns to her home, they will surely try again to sell her off.

The police confirmed, that the case has been registered. The accused has been booked under section 341(wrongful restraint),342(Wrongful confinement) and 323( Voluntarily causing hurt) of IPC. The investigation is going on to probe the matter.

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