Baba ka dhaba: Man who put him to fame accused of misappropriating money

A month later the dhaba has become a mere selfie spot with low numbers and a stooping stardom

Its hardly been a month since baba ka dhaba became an overnight sensation and the Instagram influencer Gaurav Wasan, who shot him to fame has been allegedly accused of misappropriating money raised to help his slumping business.

Deliberate attempt to steal the funds

Kanta Prasad, the 80 year old who runs the dhaba in South Delhi filed a complaint saying Wasan intentionally and deliberately shared only his and his family bank details and mobile numbers with the donors and collected a huge sum of money through different modes of payments.

DCP Atul Kumar didn't confirm the registration of FIR but said the police will probe the matter. The complaint was lodged at the Malviya Nagar Police station yesterday.

Prasad hasn't been earning a lot with a meagre Rs. 3,000-5,000 when it was approx. Rs. 10,000 in the early days. The complaint was filed by Prasad and men from the locality on Saturday claiming that the food joint has become a mere selfie spot. The crowd gathers to shoot videos and take selfies which in turn has hampered the business of the eatery.

Wasan's vague defense

Wasan denying the allegations has turned to Facebook for the clarification. His bank details was meant as a step to save the elderly couple from being harassed and making the transactions safe and easy. He shared the receipts that showed the transaction of around 3.5 lakhs which Baba has received only partly. The rest of the amount is still due to be paid.

The video was shot on October 8 when the elderly couple was caught tearing up because of the lack of customers during lockdown. As the video went viral, the food joint was endorsed by celebrities from across Bollywood, sports and politics.

The social media stars, Kanti Prasad and his wife has suffered a major slump in their business. Their stardom has hit the dead-end after such a heavy exposure in the early October when the video got viral.

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