Baba Ramdev: Receives misleading notice of Rs 1000 crore with written apologize for his deeds.

Image source: The Hindu

Baba Ramdev is the influencer of our ancient culture Yoga and spirituality among Indians. He is the one who is promoting the “Made in India” campaign by providing India-made products.

Founder of: Patanjali yogapeeth, Patanjali Ayurveda, Bharat swabhiman trust.

In a video that went viral about the allopathy treatment which is practiced far away from 200 years at a rapid pace. He spoke :

Lakhs of people died because of the allopathic treatment in covid-19. He also kept questions regarding some of the medicine used in the treatment of covid-19.

Which went in the ears of union health care, health minister of India, IMA (Indian medical association), etc.

The health minister of India wording:

He stated it as inappropriate.

IMA statement:

His words could be a threat to the literate and poor falling of his prey.

He received notice

He finally withdrew his statement with the following tweet.

I believe that allopathic treatment helped in immense progress in surgery and lifesaving system saved humanity in hard times, of covid-19. Sorry, if my statement hurt anyone’s sentiments. My system was hyperbole through WhatsApp. Even I have seen the evidence during the meeting of volunteers.

Acharya Balkrishna: co-founder of Pantanjali yogapeeth also responded.

Swami Ji is a firm believer in human treatment and relief from ailments and pain. He believes that the combination of Ayurvedic and allopathic treatment together is beneficial to everyone in such a ridiculous time.

Current situations:

With the withdrew of his statement he questioned 25 questions in front of IMA in an open letter on his Twitter :

1.if allopathic treatment offers a permanent treatment of asthma, thyroid, colitis, arthritis? allopathic treatments provide a cure for fatty liver and liver cirrhosis? Although it is 200 years old must have the treatment of such ailments.

3.if it had painless therapy for infertility and reverse aging and increase in the level of hemoglobin.

And 22 more such questions.

He noted:

Allopathic treatment must not think of itself as sarvagun sampan (the best treatment).

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