Ban on loudspeakers in Prayagraj after Uni VC complains against ‘azaan’

The Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Allahabad University (Uttar Pradesh) Sangita Srivastava has filed a complaint against the use of loudspeakers in mosques early in the morning. The IG of the police of Prayagraj asked the district magistrates (DMs) under his command to make sure a ban on loudspeakers is effective between 10 pm and 6 am.

A letter was written to all the DMs and senior superintendents (SSPs) by the IG in a total of 4 districts in Prayagraj falling under his control. The letter stated the problem and insisted on the necessity of a ban on loudspeakers. The ban will cover all kinds of loudspeakers at public places at the given time. The ban is implemented in view of environmental laws and previous court orders.

On a plea filed by Afzal Ansari and two others against the ban, the Allahabad High court in 2020 ruled that no religion supports the use of loudspeakers for worship.

The pollution act also stands with the implementation of a loudspeaker ban between 10 pm and 6 am. If there is a necessity to use them, a special permit is to be taken. All the officials will make sure that the ban is implemented smoothly and everyone abides by it. The VC of the university wrote in her letter that the ‘azaan’ disturbs her sleep and affects her efficiency to work.

The VC pled the district magistrate to hold down the mosque situated near civil lines. The use of loudspeakers affects her sleep and she has to suffer from a headache throughout the day. This also affects her work.

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