Bangladesh anti-hindu riots, hasina pointing fingers at india.

Bangladesh eastern neighbour of India erupted riots across the country. Anti-Hindu riots broke out across Bangladesh through social media platforms of desecration of a Quran at durga puja pandal in CumiIla.

Violence erupted after an alleged barbaric incident took place. A picture surfaced on social media platform gone viral, a picture showing pages scattered on the floor, it also showed How Hindus in Cumilla city desecrated the Quran and urinated inside the mosque, this incident surely took an aggressive turn in the country, where several Hindu was killed and women have been allegedly raped, hundreds of Durga puja pandal were destroyed by mobs, some miscreants also vandalised temples, houses, and shops. This barbaric incident took the city by Strom.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina remarked on this incident "the incident in Cumilla are being thoroughly investigated, nobody will be spread. It doesn't matter which religion they belong to. They will be hunted down and punished".although India and Bangladesh shared friendly allies for decades. Recently, Hasina in her statement made it quite clear and warned India, " Our Neighboring country must also cooperate, they must make sure that nothing is done there which affects our country and hurts our Hindu community ".

Take a look at the Hindu minority in Bangladesh.

according to the minority rights act, Hindus accounts for almost 8.5 per cent of the total population in Bangladesh were Buddhist and Christian with 0.6 per cent of the country population. Bangladesh trajectory since independence has been shrinking of its religious diversity due to the mass migration of its Hindu population.

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