Bangladesh PM's Daughter Initiates Global Campaign In Opposition To Women Harassment

Saima is a CRI Trustee and co-chairman and Climate Vulnerable Forum(CVF) Thematic Ambassador. She is also a member of the World Health Organization's Expert Advisory Panel on Mental Health.

New Delhi: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina's daughter Saima Wazed has initiated a global campaign to protect women from harassment.

According to Saima Wazed, controlling the incidence of harassment of women first needs a changed attitude about women.

Saima launched her campaign as " Women's Safety in Public Places(WSPP). Saima the internationally approved mental health expert said that Why would we live with gender identity? Why would we live under agitation? Why can't we live in our choice?

With a dream to set up Bangladesh a harassment-free country, she told us that we must forward our country to a position where even one girl will not be the sufferer of harassment. No one woman will be dishonoured here. Let us work together for our dignity.

Saima said that why always we would see uncomfortable? Why should we get decorated in a way otherwise we would be blamed. Why we are not able to go with fearlessness?

To bring the change what the women are facing, she said that we have to work like boys equally. We should teach children with no difference on basis of men and women.

Let us pay the earned respect to the ladies, in schools, colleges, home, outside the home, on streets, in workplace.

She also said that when a woman is under harassment, everybody should come fast to protect her, who else witnessing alongside that girl, She again also said that our boys should be educated to see equally both. Education should be reflected on their behaviour. All starts at home.

To this conclusion, the youth

organization has already put some milestone for women's safety and empowerment.

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