Before 5 State Elections in 2021, Voter ID Cards May Go Digital

Through the voter helpline app, existing voters would be required to complete few formalities when newly enrolled votes will get an advantage spontaneously.

New Delhi: Like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID cards will also proceed for digital next year.

According to the news18 report, the Election Commission Of India(ECI) is deliberating a plan to make voter ID cards digital, permitting voters to download their Electors Photo Identity Card(EPIC) or voter ID card. It is expected that in the next year 2021 before assembly elections in five States, digital voter ID cards will become a reality.

According to the news18 report, the election commission is lean to give its bow and disclose the final plan. Besides the downloadable digital voter card, the live EPIC provision will also be in position. The idea of this plan is to soften delivery.

From the report, it is expected after downloading the card from a registered mobile connection, the new voters will get the service. In the digital format of EPIC, there will be two different OR codes. One QR code for the voter's name, the second code for the voter's other specified information. If the data stored in the QR codes voting rights will be available.

This facility will also be generous for those voters who have moved and want to enroll their names at new polling booths. Besides, the voters who lose their cards and apply for a new one will also be capable of this service after their new cards approved.

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