Being a human not enough to lead a dignity full life.-LGBTQ community

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LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) case was filed against a devil beast in the image of a human.

Humanity is the sense that allows a soul to understand the feeling of the other soul. It allows you to abide by all your pleasure and lead a life towards the welfare of another one. Humanity teaches us the proper way of living.

Here is a pathetic authentic story of a special disabled boy who was badly harassed and attacked by a stranger.

As per Pink news report -

Photo of Josh Ormrod

A man who had a mentality of superiority among the humans attacked Josh Ormrod, an adolescent boy.

On 17 June 2021, Josh was with a friend at a club party with one of his friends. Suddenly, a 26-year-old man from Bolton struck him with a rain of abusive words. This man had a mentality of superiority among the humans who attacked Josh Ormrod, an adolescent boy of his sex. Pedestrians helped Josh from this devil. Finally, he was left bleeding and alone.

Here are the words from Josh Ormrod:

He posted the entire incident on Instagram and told people he did not want to gain sympathy but just to aware people of central Liverpool that this place seems to be safe but I and my friend are in terror in our own homes. Even many such disabled people suffered such crimes daily. We all need to come together to stop this and a please, protect yourself from such a stranger.

However, the criminal went into custody and further left after. There is more processing being done in this case.

Here is a question for the readers -

Don’t such people have the right to a happier life of their desire?

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