Bengal Encounters 812 New COVID-19 Cases Along With 24 Deaths

West Bengal dealing with high COVID-19 cases

Figures COVID-19 infectious are increasingly speeding up day by day in India. At least 18,000 fresh cases got registered nationwide tallying 1,03,56,845 cases altogether. Among which 1,49,850 affected died.

COVID-19 cases in West Bengal tallied 5,56,384 after 812 more cases got registered from various regions of the state.

The latest recovery rate is approximately 96.56 percent, altogether about 5,37,250 patients are known to gain full recovery from the infection.

Currently, the report implies the state to have 9,293 numbers of active cases of the virus. 8 surviving patients died in 24 Paraganas, 4 in Kolkata rest in various districts.

Stated below are the list of active cases in districts:

Districts Figures

North 24 Paraganas: 237

•South 24 Paraganas: 33

• Kolkata: 199

• Hoogly: 46

In the last 24 hours, 30,712 patients tested positive for the infection.

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