Bengal Govt. Backs Farmers: Launches Scheme to Procure Excess Kharif Paddy at MSP

“We hope to expand the procurement net and include 35 lakh farmers worst hit by the hit by the pandemic.”(File Photo)

Amid the rising tension every day in the country over the issues of Farmer Protests, West Bengal Government comes up with something good for the interest of the farmers.

As CM Mamata Banerjee has declared free rations till June next year in the State during the Pandemic, the Govt. is planning to roll out a project for maintaining the uninterrupted supply of rice.

The government has set a target of enrolling more than 3 million farmers under this project." Out of about 72 lakh farmers producing paddy in West Bengal, 13 lakh farmers have already joined the project. This will also help to ease Pre-empt distress sale & stabilize the rice market price.

“We are planning to reach out to as many farmers as possible, to procure paddy to maintain the unhindered supply of rice for our public distribution system. The scheme will be rolled out soon and we will start procuring paddy later this month,” state food and civil supplies minister Jyotipriya Mallick said.

A senior official of the state government's agriculture department said that although the yield was good this season, the price of paddy has come down a lot despite the low demand. Even that price is less than the minimum support price announced by the government. So, the Govt. is planning to collect a certain amount of paddy from each farmer. As a result, many more farmers will be able to take advantage of this project.

A total of 21 lakh farmers were aided during the last Kharif season. “We hope to expand the procurement net and include 35 lakh farmers worst hit by the hit by the pandemic,” said Pradeep Mazumdar, Agri-adviser to the Bengal government.

It is learned from the Govt. that last year it procured a maximum of 90 quintals at an MSP of 1,868 per quintal, but this year the maximum procurement at MSP will be set on 45 quintals.

The state government would set up a special team to ensure that farmers do not sell their paddy directly to stockists or warehouse keepers.

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