Bengaluru Man Responds To Treatment After Being Declared Brain Dead

Bengaluru: Shankar Gombi, 27-year-old was declared brain dead by doctors in a hospital in Belagavi. The hospital had kept him under a two-day observation after his accident. He was declared brain dead when he failed to respond to any treatment.

Gombi faced an accident in Mahalingapur on February 27. From there he was admitted to a government hospital in Mahalingapur in Bagalkote on March 1. The doctors were to conduct a post mortem and his family was preparing for his funeral.

The doctor who was assigned the post mortem spoke to the media. He said that Gombi’s death had aroused a lot of people. He had seen banners and cutouts of Gombi in the town. On reaching the hospital, he found Gombi on a ventilator. The family was told that removal of ventilation would mean his death. Outside a hospital, there was a gathering of around 1000 people.

Dr. Galgali further said that when he was about to start the autopsy, he saw goosebumps on Gombi’s body. This meant that he was sensing. The ventilation was removed and it was seen that he could move his hands a little. The doctors found a pulse and stopped the process.

Later on, the 27-year-old showed signs that his vitals were functioning. Doctors said that there are survival chances and the patient is responding to treatment. The medical negligence will be addressed after this mishap as said by a police official.

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