Bescom, BBMP, KPTCL and building owner under complaint for a blameable homicide of an 8 year old boy

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Three months ago, On the 20th of June, Shushil Singh an eight-year-old boy to Prakash Singh from Bengaluru, was flying a kite near his house. The kite got intertwined to a tree branch to which Shushil went to the terrace of the nearest building, owned by Anish to fetch it. There he endured electric shocks and died of severe burns in his body.

Image Source: Google Images

Under IPC sections 304, the Viveknagar police have registered a case for a liable homicide not amounting to murder and 304A for causing death due to negligence against officials from Bescom, BBMP, KPTCL along with the building owner.

The boy's father allegedly said that illegal construction has been taking place, on the first floor of the building where his son was electrocuted.

"Shishil sustained severe electric shocks while trying to pull the kite. We shifted him to St. John's Hospital; he succumbed on July 23rd, after battling for life for over a month." Prakash Singh said in his complaint.

Last week Prakash Singh went to inspect the spot.

"I realized that Anish has illegally built the first floor. The high-tension wires pass very close to the terrace and that was how my son was electrocuted. Had the illegal floor not been built, he would not have died. I blame officials from Bescom, BBMP and KPTCL for the illegal construction and my son's electrocution", said the teary-eyed father in his complaint.

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